Making Landscape Dreams Come True

Serving Northern Kentucky


About Perfect LawnCare, LLC

Our mission is to provide complete lawn care and landscape services to our customers and to create the ideal landscape of their dreams. The quality of our services will always be above that of the competition and will be reinforced by well-trained employees. We are committed to developing a satisfying, long-term relationship with each and every customer. We will strive to be known as the best lawn care and landscaping company in North Central Kentucky.

James Rose, President and Owner

Since the young age of 8, James Rose has known he wanted to own his own lawn care business. James started the business in 2002 and has worked to grow his skills. James grew the business at a relatively small size until 2013 when he changed the company name to Perfect LawnCare, LLC and converted the company into a Limited Liability Company. James's 11 years of experience in the industry have led him to understand exactly what the customer wants and to develop a unique ability to fulfill these desires.


Grant County Fair

Fair ground all pretty up for the fair! Perfect LawnCare is proud sponsor of The Grant County 2014